Tantra in Bali

rice fieldEnveloped in lush green forests, terraced rice fields and crowned by majestic, sacred volcanos, Bali is considered by many to be an island paradise. Bali’s popularity derives not only from its physical beauty, but also from its vibrant spirituality and flourishing cultural scene. While in Bali we will be meeting and interacting with artisans, dancers, shopkeepers, body workers, priests and shamans. Balinese society is dynamic, open and inviting to visitors from the outside world. Her friendly, straightforward people welcome you to learn and participate.

Within sanctuaries few are invited to visit, join us as we participate in traditional ceremonies and rituals. Journey to Bali, Indonesia and spend March 16 – March 25, 2015 learning about Tantra in a beautiful, tropical environment. Explore the spiritual teachings of Tantra through unique adventures with Lisa A. Rizzoli and Laz Daka, Advanced Certified Tantra Educators, and Cokorda Ratih, a genuine Balinese Princess. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationship to others and to nature through Tantric principles and techniques.

Witness the Devotion of the people.
Witness the Sacred in each moment.
Witness the Spirituality of Bali.

Some of the highlights of our tour include:

  • Tantra Yoga Teachings every day with Lisa A. Rizzoli and Laz Daka
  • Sacred Sexuality Techniques and Practices
  • Professional guide services by Balinese princess, Cokorda Ratih
  • Enter temple areas restricted to most visitors
  • An explanation of why and how to wear appropriate Temple attire
  • Participate in traditional Balinese rituals, offerings, and prayer
  • Experience the Incredible Ogoh-ogoh parade
  • Observe the spiritual Balinese Day of Silence–Nyepi
  • Performance of traditional Balinese dances
  • Hike 1,717 meters (5,633 feet) up a volcano to view the sunrise
  • Hot springs soak
  • Explore the cave system of Nusa Penida
  • Snorkeling

Explore the temples of:

  • The Mother Temple of Besakih
  • Sea Temple of Pura Tanah Lot
  • Tampak Siring
  • Goa Giri Putri

statue of dragon