Travel Planning Assistance

Colin HuKoji Yang is an independent travel consultant and CEO of FlightValue Travel Agency, and former apprentice at Flightspin Travel LLC. As a travel consultant, Koji has travelled to 29 countries in the last four years alone, and has helped clients to book travel to all six inhabited continents. Koji specializes in group travel, corporate travel, and maintains an intimate list of independent clients.

After creating a personal profile for you and assessing your travel needs, he will help you to streamline the flight booking process, doing the work for you and saving you the headache. For a nominal fee, he will find you the best flights at the lowest possible airfare for your trip to Bali (and future flights), on average saving you hundreds. Koji also specializes in frequent flyer mile bookings, turning your hard-earned and hard-to-use miles into the trip of your dreams, again saving you hundreds.

In addition, Koji is a Certified Tantra Educator (CTE2) with the Source School of Tantra Yoga and is an Associate of Charles Miur.
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