Preparing for Group in Bali

I arrived in Bali on Monday March 25, 2013, a few days earlier than the group. I was met by Cokorda Ratih, a Balinese princess, who will be our guide for the Embark Upon A Sacred Journey.

Ratih is a beautiful Balinese woman whom I have a deep connection with. She has shared her home, her traditions and her family. We went to the Mother Temple to celebrate and be in ceremony for the full moon and to prepare for Galungan. The temple was full of Balinese people making offerings, dancing and celebrating. I feel incredibly blessed to be welcomed to participate in this sacred ceremony. The holy men make offerings and prayers as we sit, pray and meditate. The energy is vibrant and intense. My spirit is in ecstatic bliss and recognition of the sacred rituals.

Ratih then took me to visit the bone healer where she received a healing for a problem she is having in her wrist. I witnessed the healer working on two young boys as their families held the boys, the healer set the bones and offered healings. Incredible experiences.

The following day was Galungan. We made offerings and prayers at the home of her husband’s family, her new business location, a temple and her family’s home. Again, I have been graciously welcomed to participate and pray with the family. It has been a perfect way to settle into Bali and prepare for the Tantra Adventure Tour.



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