And so it begins…

Today, I depart for the Tantra Adventure Tour of Bali. My bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’ve completed the tasks on my To Do list and a few extras. It feels good to be so ready, yet there is a slight feeling of sadness in my heart.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been walking through the emotional task of a shift of relationship with a beloved. I have experienced many emotions and choose to return to love. I know when I love, I love big with my whole heart. I continue to love with an open heart and see the incredible gifts I have received as a result of being in the relationship.

I am boarding a plane to begin an incredible journey of awakening, ceremony, ritual and adventure in the magical place known as Bali, Indonesia. I have connected to the people, culture and land of this island and will share my knowledge of spiritual principles to a group of people who have courageously registered to Embark Upon A Sacred Journey. We will embody concepts of energy through the modality of movement and adventure. I am excited and deeply honored to guide this journey. My heart opens as it fills with love and gratitude for the opportunities that continue to present themselves in my life.

And so it begins….


March 23, 2013Permalink