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The purpose of traveling with Embark Upon A Sacred Journey is to embody Tantric concepts through movement and explorations of culturally and spiritually rich destinations. Connecting with the people, the land, and one’s own divine spirit, these tours offer a variety of exciting opportunities to deepen and integrate the teachings.


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The range of activities offered includes yogic teaching, meditation, and cultural events to strenuous excursions such as volcano trekking, cave exploration and snorkeling expeditions.

Tantra can be seen as a path to enlightenment, a spiritual path of sacred sexuality, a practice to transform energy, an ancient tradition from Hinduism and Buddhism, an art form, a spiritual practice. For some, Tantra is a way of living based on becoming aware and conscious, being present in the moment. Every aspect of life can be viewed as sacred and can be celebrated. It is a very spiritual, sacred journey.

I invite you to join us for a spiritual journey of discovery, adventure and expansion of the perfect, whole and complete person that is YOU!