In the moment…

I was snorkeling in the Java Sea near Komodo Island. We were in open waters, for a brief period of time I could not see my companions or the boat or land. For that moment, I felt alone and frightened in the vastness. I surrendered to my fears and felt the LOVE and nurturing of the waters that surrounded me. It was true bliss as my sacred waters flowed in delight at feeling so much love, love of the Divine.
Then a huge, majestic manta ray swam beneath me leading me back to my friends.
Surrender is the key. When I am feeling the chaos rise up and the fears flaring, I will practice the breath of surrender and feel into the LOVE. The manta has shown me the way.

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Preparing for Group in Bali

I arrived in Bali on Monday March 25, 2013, a few days earlier than the group. I was met by Cokorda Ratih, a Balinese princess, who will be our guide for the Embark Upon A Sacred Journey.

Ratih is a beautiful Balinese woman whom I have a deep connection with. She has shared her home, her traditions and her family. We went to the Mother Temple to celebrate and be in ceremony for the full moon and to prepare for Galungan. The temple was full of Balinese people making offerings, dancing and celebrating. I feel incredibly blessed to be welcomed to participate in this sacred ceremony. The holy men make offerings and prayers as we sit, pray and meditate. The energy is vibrant and intense. My spirit is in ecstatic bliss and recognition of the sacred rituals.

Ratih then took me to visit the bone healer where she received a healing for a problem she is having in her wrist. I witnessed the healer working on two young boys as their families held the boys, the healer set the bones and offered healings. Incredible experiences.

The following day was Galungan. We made offerings and prayers at the home of her husband’s family, her new business location, a temple and her family’s home. Again, I have been graciously welcomed to participate and pray with the family. It has been a perfect way to settle into Bali and prepare for the Tantra Adventure Tour.



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And so it begins…

Today, I depart for the Tantra Adventure Tour of Bali. My bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’ve completed the tasks on my To Do list and a few extras. It feels good to be so ready, yet there is a slight feeling of sadness in my heart.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been walking through the emotional task of a shift of relationship with a beloved. I have experienced many emotions and choose to return to love. I know when I love, I love big with my whole heart. I continue to love with an open heart and see the incredible gifts I have received as a result of being in the relationship.

I am boarding a plane to begin an incredible journey of awakening, ceremony, ritual and adventure in the magical place known as Bali, Indonesia. I have connected to the people, culture and land of this island and will share my knowledge of spiritual principles to a group of people who have courageously registered to Embark Upon A Sacred Journey. We will embody concepts of energy through the modality of movement and adventure. I am excited and deeply honored to guide this journey. My heart opens as it fills with love and gratitude for the opportunities that continue to present themselves in my life.

And so it begins….


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To the Top

While traveling in Ubud, Bali in 2010, Kevin and I decided to hire a guide to trek a nearby volcano. There are many, many travel adventure shops to choose from and after checking out a few, we decided on one that felt right. The owner, Wayan, helped us to decide on the best itinerary for our excursion.

After an early morning wake-up call at 2:00AM, we got dressed and headed out for a drive to the base of the mountain. Hardly anyone was out at this time of day but there were many, many dogs roaming the dark streets.  We arrived at the base of Gunung Batur, an active volcano, and met our mountain guide. It was still dark as we began our ascent up the mountain. The stars were incredible and the air was crisp.  As we climbed, the sky began to lighten and we felt the urgency to get to the top for sunrise. We reached the top of the mountain just in time for the spectacular sunrise over Lake Batur. It was absolutely breathtaking and we felt the shift in the air from night to day. The air got a bit colder just as the sun began to crest the horizon and then began to gradually warm up.


After playing and taking silly photos at the top of the mountain we went to the warung and had a breakfast of a steamed egg , toast and of course, Bali coffee. The eggs are placed into a “nest” dug out in the side of the mountain where they were cooked by the heat of the volcano. It was a very tasty breakfast after an exerting trek. We enjoyed EVERY bite!

After breakfast, we began our descent but first our guide showed us the most amazing and powerful display of how the earth is very much alive; responding to us humans on her surface. The guide dug a little hole so that the earth was exposed, then he took a lit cigarette and held it over a spot near the hole. The earth responded to the heat of the cigarette by sending steam up and out of the adjacent hole. It was an incredible moment that sent shivers up my spine as I realized how incredible this truly is. Mother earth recognizes us on her surface and responds to us. From that moment forward, I want to be conscious of how I tread upon the earth—with LOVE & INTENTION

We completed our trek down the mountain, past remnants of the last eruption, while admiring the beautiful and sometimes surreal landscape. It was incredible to see the hardened lava with an “island” of untouched land in the middle of where the lava had once flowed.

We found our driver at the bottom of the mountain who then took us to the nearby hot springs where we enjoyed an amazing soak and delicious lunch. One must not confuse green chile peppers with green beans, but that is another story…….

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