Dreams Become Reality

In January 2010, I was thinking about what I wanted to manifest in my life. I had a few things on my list and then I thought, “I want to go to a Hoop Camp somewhere other than the west coast this year”. The next day while I was doing my daily FaceBook post, I received an invitation to Sacred Circularities Hoop Retreat in Bali in March. I was so excited and I knew the Universe was responding to my intentions. I checked the dates and I had the air miles and decided, “I AM GOING TO BALI!”

tanjung benoaWhen I arrived in Bali I instantly felt the “island vibe” and felt the sense of relaxation and serenity sweep over me. The island is lush, green and incredibly beautiful. This trip was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the island, the people, and amazing, rich spirituality of the culture. I love Bali.

In 2012, an idea came to me as I was sitting in a Tantra Teacher Training course; “Wouldn’t it be great to be out in nature learning these concepts, instead of being inside a building sitting on the floor for hours?” I have spent many hours in training courses wanting to get up and move my body and be in nature. I began to visualize a workshop where concepts are taught in a classroom setting and then taken out into nature where the participants can integrate the teaching with their bodies through movement in nature. Bali came to mind and I began to open to the possibilities of what could be explored in this amazing spiritual paradise.

Embark Upon a Sacred Journey has emerged as a result of these visions and with the help of several incredible people in my life. I look forward to this experience and to sharing it with those who are up for an adventurous way to explore some of the concepts in Tantra.

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